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If you love your car, then you want the alloy wheels to look great. You might also want them to look a bit different to other vehicles that are the same make and model as yours. 

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Diamond Cutting

At Alloy Wheel Repair Services, we have that specialist equipment and trained staff who are passionate about their work who restore diamond cut alloy wheels to mint condition so owners of beautiful cars can keep them looking pristine.

Wheel Repair

All the wheels that come in to us are stripped back to the bare alloy and, after stripping the paint, we repair all chips, scuffs and scrapes before undertaking the powder coating process. Once the wheels are looking as good as new again, we put the tyres back on, and put them back on the car.

Powder Coating

For customers who have damaged the alloy wheels on leased vehicles, having the powder coating restored with us will save them a considerable amount of money as the fee for returning the vehicles with scratched wheels is often far more than having the powder coat refurbished by us.

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About Us

Whether your car is valued at £1000 or £250,000 – every vehicle we see receives the same five-star treatment.
From classic cars to the classiest modern-day marques, from high performance motors to end-of-lease vehicles and everyday run-arounds – no one does alloy restoration better than AWRS!

We restore wheels of up to 24” in diameter to a pristine finish. This pretty much covers every car on the road today! 

We’ll banish the scratches, remove the scuffs and clear away any corrosion. Every alloy we refurbish in our Mobile workshop is expertly powder coated for a long lasting, flawless finish. Your wheels can either be perfectly restored to their original colour or you can select from a variety of colours, to create a stunning ‘new look’.

Plus, as well treating standard alloy wheels, for that extra special appearance, Alloy Wheel Repair Services undertakes diamond cut alloys. 

Price List 2021.

from £90 per wheel

Powder Coating

Pricings is based on size, quantity and condition. We offer discounts on sets of wheels.

from £150 per wheel

Diamond Cut

Pricings is based on size, quantity and condition. We offer discounts on sets of wheels.

All of our wheel repair and refurbishment work is completed to highest standard of quality.

We guarantee your full satisfaction and offer an unbeatable 1-year warranty on our work.

View our before and after alloy wheel repairs to see our results for yourself.

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Use the slider above to view the before and after effects.


Use the slider above to view the before and after effects.


Use the slider above to view the before and after effects. Gallery...

See how we repair the alloy wheels on your car

Our Certified Mobile Wheel Technician will always first assess damaged wheels to determine if the damage is cosmetic or structural.

Step one

Step One

Before repairing your alloy wheels, all wheels are removed from the vehicle. This ensures there is no overspray on your vehicle/brake rotors and we contain all the bad stuff in our filtration system.

Step two

Step Two

The tire beads are broken down from the rims so we obtain full access to your whole wheels for repair.

Step three

Step Three

Wheel & rim damage is repaired using various techniques. (Our craftsmen are sworn to secrecy regarding the specifics of our techniques. They are what make us an industry leader and very good at what we do.)

Step four

Step Four

After we repair the alloy wheels, they are coated with primer to prevent corrosion and then painted to factory OEM colour or to the requested colour of customer. Wheels are sprayed with 2 coats of clear top coat, using Nano technology.

Step five

Step Five

To seal the clear coat, wheels are baked dry, with the use of the latest IR lamps.

Step six

Step Six

Following a final inspection of the repaired alloy wheels, the wheels are refitted to the car and hand torqued to meet manufacturer specifications.

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Asked Questions

We can repair all kinds of cosmetic damage to alloy wheels, buckled and cracked wheels.

We aim to complete diamond cut refurbishments within 3-4 working days. In certain instances, this can take a little longer however we will always advise at the time of booking if that is the case.

We certainly can. Just let us know which colour you would like.

No. Due to the complex nature of re-cutting alloy wheels, if the damage is particularly heavy sometimes it is not possible. We like to see the wheel or at the very least a picture so we can advise further on this. We can still offer a powder coat refurbishment though.

We can restore wheels up to 24"

Yes we do, please contact us for further information and booking request.

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While most of the magic we perform is behind the scenes as part of our proprietary system, the results always come back to the most highly trained professionals with an eye for detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. It’s this extra level of care and attention that sets our wheel repair service apart from all others.

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